First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC, Installs Heat Pumps

First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC, installs heat pumps in homes throughout Bidwell, OH, and the surrounding areas. Heat pumps are small, energy-efficient units that provide both heat and air conditioning. Instead of constantly generating warm or cool air, heat pumps move the air from outdoors to indoors. This process makes heat pumps a fraction of the cost of traditional heating or cooling mechanisms, because there is significantly less energy use. Heat pumps are also available in a ductless form, making them suitable for any location without the added cost of ductwork. Call First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating at (304) 675-2877 today for an estimate on a new heat pump.

Residential Heat Pump Repairs
in Bidwell, OH

Heat pumps consist of many intricate parts that keep it running smoothly. When your heat pump is not working up to standard, First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating is here to have it back up and running in no time. Our heating contractors have over 50 years of combined experience, and we use only the best parts from American Standard. Heat pumps work constantly year-round to product both warm and cool air, and small malfunctions or problems may occur at any time. Trust First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating to evaluate the problem and work with you to complete any repairs.

Why Choose a Heat Pump for My Home
in Rio Grande, OH?

Heat pumps are beneficial for all areas, not just warmer climates. While heat pumps should not be used by themselves as a main heat source in cold climates, they still work to significantly cut your energy costs. Heat pumps will provide heat and set a comfortable atmosphere until about twenty five to thirty degrees Fahrenheit. While the heat pump is running, your furnace or additional heat source will not need to run as frequently, saving energy and oil or gas costs. To learn more information about our heat pump installation, contact First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating today.