First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC, Cleans Air Ducts in WV

First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating, LLC, offers duct cleaning services to Point Pleasant, WV, and the surrounding areas. Cleaning ducts every so often helps to eliminate the possibility of mold, pest infestation, dust, and other harmful impurities from ductwork. Our contractors completely vacuum out the ducts, and clean them from top to bottom to remove all contaminants. 

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When is the Right Time
to Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

While duct cleaning is usually not part of regular preventive maintenance, it is always better to have ducts inspected if there are signs of mold or pests. If you or your family are constantly sick with no explanation, there could be bacteria or mold growing in the ductwork. Pet hair, dust, and other debris becomes trapped in the coils and folds, and these germs are then distributed throughout the air in your home. When cleaning air ducts, First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating contractors use special vacuums and tools to completely remove dirt, mildew, and debris from tight cracks and crannies in the ductwork. Trust our contractors to rid your ducts of harsh contaminants and leave you with fresher air.

Residential Duct Installation
in Rio Grande, OH

As air ducts age, they become susceptible to gapping, holes, or even collapsing. If your ducts are over a decade old, or if you are not sure how old your air ducts are, it may be time to look into having new ductwork installed. Contact First Quality Air Conditioning and Heating today for an estimate on new ductwork. We proudly serve Rio Grande, OH, and the surrounding areas in Gallia County.